1255 12th Ave SW, Calgary AB T3C3S7
(previously located at 1725 10th Ave SW)

NOTE: All service is first-come-first serve. Current wait times are approximately 2-3 weeks.

Rad Power

* We also have 9 Rad Power models available for demo / test-ride (before 4pm). Call for info.

Linus Moose Swagman

All bikes and e-bikes welcome!

Calgary Bicycle Repair provides superior customer service and repairs on any bicycle or e-bike. We guarantee our work so you can feel safe, confident, and focused on your ride.

Established by Alex Ramon in 2022 to help meet the growing demand for service and repairs here in Calgary. Alex has over 30 years experience as a mechanic and has worked for over a dozen bike shops including Dream Cycle, Fairfield Bicycle Shop, North Park Bike Shop, and Velofix. Until 2022 he managed five mobile service locations for Rad Power Bikes, and he continues to operate as a third-party service provider for Rad Power customers.

"It is my mission to keep you riding safely and reliably. Great customer service has always been my top priority, and I believe all bikes were created equal. If I don't have what you need, I will always work hard to help you find it." ~Alex Ramon


SHOP RATE: $150 / HR
The following common sevices are for labour only and are based on our hourly rate of $150 / hour. Parts and accessories are extra. During peak season we operate on a first-come-first serve basis. Feel free to call us with questions at (587) 900-5212


Brake Adjustment $25
Brake Pad Install $25
Derailer Adjustment $25
Drivetrain Clean $80
Safety Inpection $50
Standard Tune Up $150
Tune + Drivetrain Clean $225
Full Overhaul $350


Flat Tire Repair $25
Bar Tape Install $25
True Wheel $40
Wheel Build $150
Boxed Bike Assembly $150
Boxed Bike Assembly (E-Bike) $200
Bike Assembly (Custom) $350
Box Bike for Shipping $100

E-BIKE REPAIRS: We are happy to work on the mechanical aspect of e-bikes (tune-ups, flat tires, etc) but we are unable to diagnose or repair electrical issues. For that you will have to reach out to the manufacturer for assistance and/or replacement parts. Our friend Jared at Voltage Reboot is happy to help with battery issues.

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